Just for the record, I admire a woman who speaks from the heart – The Cat Returns Review

The Cat Returns

I originally watched The Cat Returns after watching a lot of Miyazaki films, and I didn’t love it. I re-watched it again yesterday and enjoyed it a lot more this time around.

The Cat Returns is the story of Haru, a girl who saves the life of a cat. It turns out that this cat is a member of the royal family of the Cat Kingdom, and their King personally arrives one night to thank Haru for saving the life of his son. As a reward for saving him, she will be given many “gifts”, including marriage to the prince himself.

The Good

  • As expected by Ghibli, this movie is beautifully animated
  • It’s quite funny (and the humour is sometimes quite dark for a Ghibli film)
  • Good pacing
  • Great mix of characters
  • Wonderful character designs

The OK

  • As interesting as the overall cast is, the characters themselves don’t feel very well developed
  • Interesting fantasy setting, but the world could also have been expanded upon a bit more
  • The plot is fairly simple/light, so you really just have to go with it
  • Many people associated Ghibli with Miyazaki, and may expect the same kind of depth from The Cat Returns

The Bad

  • Cats walking on two legs was sometimes a little bit unnerving

Final Thoughts

There isn’t too much to say about The Cat Returns, so I’ll just get right into it. Overall, The Cat Returns is a light-hearted (and light) fantasy adventure that doesn’t ask you to think too much. It will undoubtedly be a hit with children and adults who want a film for an enjoyable effort-free way to spend 90 minutes. Also a must see if you like cats.



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