Geek Ink Thinks – The ANC might get me packing for greener pastures…

Originally posted on my Facebook page, here are my thoughts on the ANC and Zuma over the last few days.

1) Too many people are reliant on Zuma for a pay cheque – and money supercedes morals, particularly when you have no other way to make money other than to say “Yes Jacob”.

I am guessing most people in Parliament will never see this kind of money if it weren’t for Zuma, because they do not have the education/skills to do so. Whether it’s to maintain lavish lifestyles, or simply to support their extended families back home, too many people are beholden to Uncle Jacob because without him they would literally have nothing (see head of SABC with no matric).

2) The majority of the ANC is corrupt as a result

Zuma knew what he was doing when he hired so many people. By ensuring he had numbers on his side, any resistance from people with an actual conscience in the ANC would simply be overwhelmed by the sheer number of yes men.

3) The ANC will only get rid of Zuma if the courts come and tell him to, or we gather together as we did after Nene got fired and force them to…

As much as there is clearly a faction in the ANC working to restore the soul of the organization, they do not wield enough power to get rid of Zuma, only to reign him in once in a while due to the fact that he’s got so many people in his pocket.

4) … or if they lose enough support in the elections that can be clearly attributed to Zuma and his actions

I say this to any ANC supporters who may stumble upon this: if you want the organisation you loved back, do not vote ANC. I’m not saying vote for one of the other political organizations if you really love the ANC legacy that much (because their legacy is all they have left at this point), but show that you will not support corruption and do not vote for them.

5) Deny! Deny! Deny!

Vytjie Mentor. You said you had proof of Zuma’s involvement. I hope you do, because until someone comes up with actual evidence, the ANC are just going to SPIN TO WIN, while South Africa loses…

Ugh. I hope that the ANC Reformists manage to do some magic over the next few weeks. I do not think I am going to stay in this country if the ANC continues this bullshit.


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