Geek Ink Updates: What to do with the blog?

I am always torn in how to present things here at Geek Ink. Part of me wants to try and earn a living off writing here, which generally means more focus in terms of the subjects I talk about (in this case film/anime related articles/reviews). But another part of me really wants a space to talk about the things that are important or fun for me (personal issues, politics, gaming, relationships), even if it “dilutes” the focus of the site and possibly affects any potential revenue it might have in the future.

What to do, what to do…

After putting much thought into it, I’ve decided that Geek Ink will be my little soap box on the Internet, at least until the South African government decides that all content creators must be registered through the Film and Publications Board so that they can control who gets to say what (boy, I can’t wait to see this idea blow up in their face).

At the end of the day, all I have to offer you, my dear reader, is… well… me. I don’t work in a media space, so it’s not like I can get some kind of inside info or early releases or free stuff to give away. I am just a guy who works an average (part-time) job, who likes to play video games (probably too much considering what my post-grad paper is looking like right now), watch movies and anime, and enjoys writing about it. Well, I also run an active art-group that’s very recently crossed the 300 Likes threshold on Facebook, but that’s another story for another time.

At the end of the day, the only way I can set this site apart from other similar sites (which are starting too look eerily similar to each other) is by putting myself out there. Some of this new content may appear very amateurish (that happens when you have limited time and a budget of zero), but if people like it and want to throw a couple of bucks my way on Patreon, then great (if they’re dollars that’s a bonus). If not, well, it’s not like that’s going to stop me writing or creating content that I enjoy.



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