First impressions for Boku no Hero, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Kuromokuro

My hero academia kabaneri of the iron fortress kuromukuro

Every season there’s a number of new anime shows are released, most of which are simply terrible. I haven’t finished watching all the new shows that have been released, but here’s three shows that I’ve quite liked so far.

Boku no Hero Academia

First up is Boku no Hero. Boku no Hero is the story of Izuku, a very ordinary teenager. It’s Izuku’s ordinariness that makes him stand out, as he lives in a world where everyone is born with Quirks, or some kind of ability. The strength and usefulness of those Quirks vary, but it’s exceptionally rare for anyone to be born without some kind of power. The strongest Quirk users go on to become superheroes, protecting society from the demons and monsters that attack it. Things change for Izuku when he meets All Might, the strongest of all superheroes.

Minor spoilers in the trailer below.

I’m going to be straight up with you and let you know this show isn’t mind blowingly amazing. It’s a fairly formulaic shounen action show. You have the underpowered hard working protagonist who wants to make something of himself, the too cool for school rival, the off-beat teacher, etc. There is nothing character wise that really hooks you, and so far the story hasn’t thrown anything at me that makes me go “HOLY COW!”

The animation is also pretty good, but is not going to win any awards in terms of quality or style. The character designs are also kind of weird, which does show you that this is the kind of show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

However, despite what I’ve described sounding absolutely dead average, Boku no Hero has enough of it’s own spin to make it quite enjoyable, if you are a fan of shows like Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball Z. Whether this show remains interesting over the long run is something we’ll just have to see.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Next up is Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Kabaneri is set in a feudal steampunk world where a strange disease has ravaged humanity. This disease turns people into Kabane, (zombie-like creatures), making them ultra violent, fast, and strong. Unlike traditional zombies, which die from a lethal blow to the head, you must destroy the heart of the Kabane in order to kill it. This is easier said than done, as traditional weapons have a hard time piercing the hearts of these undead creatures. In order to protect themselves, people have built fortress like cities that are connected by trains, which are the only way in, or out.

The story in Kabaneri follows Ikoma, a young inventor who helps repair the trains at Aragane station. Unfortunately for the people of the city, things go wrong when a train overrun with Kabane comes crashing through the city’s defences. Ikoma sees the city collapses into chaos, and uses it as an opportunity to test the new piercing gun that he has been designing to instantly kill the Kabane. Will it work, or will their way of life be destroyed?

Minor spoilers in the trailer, also has Walking Dead levels of violence.

The first episode had me on the edge of my seat with its exceptional pacing. I started watching it when I had some time to spare, and the next thing I knew the twenty two minute episode was over! Why do they only release shows like this once a week!

The way the story has been handled so far is also very good. It unfolds almost perfectly, giving you enough information so that you are never confused, but also making sure to keep you in the dark enough so that you stick around to find out what happens next.

The overall feel of the show reminded me fairly quickly of Attack on Titan, which quickly made sense as it is created by the same studio. However, unlike Attack on Titan, Kabaneri isn’t based on a serialised manga, so hopefully they manage to keep the story and pacing on track.

Kabaneri has undoubtedly been my favourite show of the new season so far and you should definitely check it out unless you find yourself put off by violent shows.


Finally we have Kuromokuro. Kuromokuro is the story of  Yukina, a high school girl whose mother works for a United Nations research team. After her mother forgets her phone at her school, Yukina heads over to the facility where her mother works to return it. While she’s there she discovers that the researchers have been trying to figure out the nature of two strange artefacts that have been recovered. Not too long after her arrival, strange objects come crashing into the mountains near the facility, and one of the artefacts mysteriously activates.

Minor spoilers from the first episode. 

I almost gave this show a skip because oh my God, another show with high school kids and giant robots! Thankfully, it’s soon revealed that while Yukina is one of the lead characters, it doesn’t seem like she’s the main one. There’s also more than a few adults who have a key role to play in this show. Hallelujah! I’m so tired of children/teenagers deciding the fate of the world in anime.

Another factor that kind of put me off, and still does, is the mecha design. Honestly, the giant robots and their opposition do not look great. However, the animation is pretty damn good if you exclude this aspect of it.

Overall, despite these minor complaints, the show has been an entertaining watch so far due thanks to the story, characters, and action. It’s an entertaining fish out of water story that’s a good balance between action and story, and even throws in the odd bit of humour here and there. It will definitely have appeal to anyone who’s a fan of mecha anime.



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