Geek Out! FanCon is one week away!


Cape Town gets its first official comic book convention! All aboard the hype train!

I’m doing this very quick write up since it turns out a number of people I know don’t even know Fancon is happening! The convention is brought to you by the awesome folk who have run the biggest Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) event in Cape Town for many years, Readers Den (and not some wanna-be posers just trying to cash in). The last few years have seen their FCBD grow to the point where it could no longer be contained at their old venue, Stadium on Main. As a result, the event will now be taking place at The Lookout at The Waterfront. We’ll see the return of the old favourites such as the discounted goodies, artist alley, and awesome cosplay! We’ll also be seeing some major showcasing of local and international talent, as well as panels for aspiring creatives!

For a full break down of the event be sure to check out their website.



2 thoughts on “Geek Out! FanCon is one week away!

    1. Haven’t bought tickets yet, but I might be getting in for free since I’m helping someone at their table 😀


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