Geek Ink Thinks: My thoughts on Fancon 2016 Cape Town

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5 thoughts on “Geek Ink Thinks: My thoughts on Fancon 2016 Cape Town

  1. I’ll give them kudos for their first go at a “proper” con. I’m sure they learned a lot, and hopefully will address the main issues for next year. I honestly hope FanCon can build into a major geek event in it’s own right.

    My thoughts:

    The queue – not as bad as expected, although (A) I’d bought my tickets 6 weeks earlier (B) I got there an hour in advance. And c’mon. Do any of the complainers have an idea of the kind of queues at cons generally? Just google SDCC or comiket queues and be horrified. Still – they really needed to sort out the “got tickets already” vs “need to still buy tickets” issue – agree 100% with you there.

    The venue – I don’t agree with comments about the venue being better. It was super hot and super cramped, and was the main reason why, after an hour, I packed it in. The whole point of moving from Stadium on Main was to improve the space situation, but for me it was worse than ever. You couldn’t move, couldn’t browse, couldn’t take photos without people being in the way, or bumping into someone. From what I’ve seen, it was quieter on the Sunday at least.

    The vibe – I dunno, maybe I just wasn’t feeling it this year, but the vibe compared to the many FCBDs just wasn’t there for me. One of the main draws was always the sale tables. Two small tables with barely room for any stock, and a till point shoved in the middle just didn’t cut it compared to previous years. I get they cycled more stuff out over the two days, but I wasn’t going to hang around on the off chance of maybe finding something interesting. Also no raffle, and if there was any kind of discount in effect on regular RD merch, it wasn’t apparent. Even at it’s most hectic, I’ve always enjoyed FCBD, and there I didn’t have to pay a hundred bucks to get in.

    In the end, I just got irritated and left. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this sort of thing, I dunno, but it really wasn’t fun this year.


    1. I might have missed the huge crush since I was behind the desk at the time. I did see people hanging out outside on both the balcony and by the food trucks, but maybe this was after the super busy mid-day period. I didn’t feel that it was any worse than last years FCBD event in that regard, as I remember escaping FCBD during the peak hours last year just because there were too many people. If I remember correctly you were also working the one figure desk last year so maybe we just swapped views this time around :p Saturday afternoon and Sunday were definitely better in terms of finding space (I’d recommend you come on Sunday next year if you want to mission down).

      Yeah, the sales tables were meh if you aren’t a huge fan of super hero stuff. Sadly it doesn’t seem like they’re going to be pushing the FCBD discounted stock like they usually do at Fancon. Hopefully it makes a return at future FCBD events.

      I missed the raffle too. I should have made a mention of that! I’m guessing they got rid of it as part of the convention. Again, maybe something we’ll see at FCBD when it returns?


  2. Heh. I’m interested to see what next year’s FCBD event will be in those respects. I get the feeling I’ll make an effort for the smaller event, and skip Fancon altogether. (It’s also why I suspect, as much as I’d like to go to a comiket or an SDCC, I’ll probably end up hating it).


    1. Yeah. I prefer smaller scale events where you can actually stop and smell the roses, and not having to deal with huge crowds. Sadly Fancon is going to aim to become ZOMG huge. Let’s hope they revive FCBD sooner rather than later!


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