Geek Ink Updates: We had a good run…

I’m putting the blog on ice. Or at least into refrigeration?

P.S. Lot’s of naughty words follow, so read at your own peril.

I think it’s finally time to accept that blogging ain’t what it used to be. When I first started throwing my words out into cyberspace in 2009, the blog was very much just a space to talk about the stuff I liked. I never really imagined it being anything more than that. Then one day in 2012 I wrote a League of Legends article and all that changed. I got over 1000 hits in a single day (I was used to 1000 hits a year at that point) and my traffic for the year increased to OVER 9000! 9220, to be exact. Since then my blog managed to garner 22 970 hits in 2013, 27 197 hits in 2014, and 26 628 hits in 2015. My stats for this year are (relatively) abysmal with a grand total of 11 556 hits 9 months into the year. This is simply because most of my time has been consumed by university.

Speaking of which, I can’t believe I am almost done! One major assignment and I can finally go “So long suckers!”. Yes, I am not a fan of university. Or rather, I am not a fan at being at university studying something I have absolutely zero interest in doing. For those of you who are wondering, here’s pretty much how I ended up in this situation:

PARENTS: Oh no, South Africa is going to shit. How about you get some better qualifications which we’ll pay for in case you need to move to overseas? (I have an Honours degree and a shit ton of skills if my LinkedIn profile is anything to go by).

ME: Why the fuck not? I’ll apply for a Masters in Screenwriting since I actually like that.

UCT ADMIN: Thanks for applying! Just mail the Media lecturers and they’ll help you out.

(No response from the media lecturers).

ME: Well, fuck. Thanks for the help UCT lecturers!

SISTER (who works at UCT in another department): Why don’t you do this thing I’m involved in since it connects to the job that you *LOVE* (asterisks for sarcasm) so much?

ME: I don’t know.

Cue “pressure” from mother and sister (my Dad wanted me to study, but wasn’t really pushing me in this particular path, and my brother was pretty much in the same boat).

ME: Fine! I’ll do it!

A few weeks later.


Well, not mistakes entirely. UCT has taught me numerous things:

  1. The biggest thing I’ve (re)learnt is something I actually first realised when I was 23 (during the massive fuck up that was otherwise known as AFDA), but somehow forgot along the way. Rather make your own decisions and be responsible for your own life (regardless of whether you fuck it up or not) than let others pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. Coz if you don’t, then you might blame them if things don’t work out for you. At least then you can put your head on your pillow, or piece of the pavement, at night knowing “No one forced me into this. I chose to be here.” I’ve already expressed this to my family multiple times, so it’s not like I’m talking shit behind anyone’s back.
  2. I really have no interest in education or teaching. I did it for a while a few years ago. It was fun, but probably because I was teaching undergrads really, really simple material, it paid really well, and it was a massive boost for my confidence levels. Now, I got other shit to do with my time.
  3. Considering we were told we were the “cream of the crop” in first semester, some of my classmates… damn. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are smart and awesome. Some of them, not so much…
  4. I am the master of the apathetic, bare minimum, C or D grade. At this point as long as I pass I don’t really care. I’m actually almost at the point where I don’t even care if I pass or not.
  5. There are other things I seriously want to pursue in my life. Academia is not one of them.

So that’s UCT in a nutshell. Thank God it’s almost over so I can take this “backup plan” and forget about it (until the scenario arises where I might actually need it).

On a more positive note, here’s some FUCKING AWESOME SHIT that’s going on:

  1. The comic book I worked on with Milo Wildcat (check out her Facebook fanpage here, or her Instagram page here) is selling pretty well (I don’t keep the stock so I can’t keep track of the exact numbers). Milo sold 10 copies to the owner of Clarke’s Books at the Open Book Festival (I hope to have the time to pop by and see it on an actual bookshelf)! She said we sold about five more over the rest of the weekend, which is not too shabby. I am busy working on the second script for our next story, which is coming along fairly well (I’m struggling with the page limit, but we’ll figure something out).
  2. I showed the pitch I did for Triggerfish to another friend of mine. He liked the concept and offered me a ton of feedback regarding the weaker elements. He also did some RAD concept art for it (which I’m keeping under wraps for now). I am 100% serious when I say I plan to develop it further with said friend with the end goal of pitching it to Dreamworks, or at least another international animation studio with an interest in action sci-fi.
  3. I am getting ripped my chinas. Gym jargon aside, I have been working pretty hard at getting myself back into shape and am already back at my old max weight (+-65 kgs at a 171 cms tall) after only 2 months. Not only that, but I’m stronger and quite a bit less tubbier around the midsection than the last time I seriously worked out. I was super fucking chuffed when I could pick up my jam-packed PC single handed last night (it used to require both my arms).

But yes, getting back to the blog. I’ll still write here from time to time, but you are probably not going to see me churning out the huge amounts of content that I used to. I need to focus on things that a) improve my art and writing skills, b) help me get ripped and sexy, and c) earn me some cash dollah.

So until the next time I see you folks, stay awesome! I’ll be back… sometime… soon… but I’m not sure when! Ciao!


2 thoughts on “Geek Ink Updates: We had a good run…

  1. Can’t believe this was my intro to your blog *sniff* And I loved what you wrote… and how you wrote it. Hopefully you’ll be back? So where can I follow you on LinkedIn?


    1. Hey Ed,

      I’ve not left completely and actually have a “Fees must Fall” (it’s the current South African education crisis) response piece coming out.

      If you wish to find me on LinkedIn my profile is under Rowan Sebastian Govender.


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