…Valentines Day is stupid.

No, I am not writing this as a bitter, lonely, single man. Single and randy? Yes, but not bitter and lonely. Well, maybe a little bit lonely when I’m feeling particularly randy. So with that little disclaimer out of the way, let me explain very clearly why Valentines Day is without a doubt, the dumbest “holiday” to celebrate:

If you give a shit about someone, you find a way to make time for them and regularly remind them they are an important part of your life, regardless of if you are family, friends, or are exchanging bodily fluids. These reminders could be something as simple as asking them if something is wrong when they seem to be feeling down, or inviting them over to share some food, or making sure to invite them to stuff, even if you haven’t seen or heard from them in a while.

There. That’s it. Buying into the consumerist version of Valentines Day is a bloody massive waste of money and energy. Save yourself the trouble and just find someone who appreciates you for not being a dickhead and who takes the trouble to notice the little things. And if you really like doing something grand for someone, why wait until Valentines Day? Is there any reason you can’t do it today?