Rowan Govender is currently residing in Cape Town. He spends his mornings doing technical writing and his afternoons and evenings writing, making videos, gaming, or just being awesome.


15 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Sounds about where I want to be next year, except for the bookshop…and the roaches….want to team up to create an Oscar-worthy script? 🙂


  2. Hello Rowan! I just a lot of your articles on gaming. Your passion for gaming and your writing style are really impressive. I have a little request from you. I am the Chief Editor for the website which is a new game reviewing website that focusses on short, to-the-point gaming review, news and interviews. Would you like to contribute to Even an article a month would mean a lot to us. Thanks a lot. Mridul Godha (


  3. Hi Mridul,

    I am definitely interested! I will send you an e-mail and you can send me more information.



  4. Thank you for the Msi enjoy 7 review. Very very useful. I just need it for books, comic books and magazines. No way am I spending R5000 or more for a tablet.


    1. You’re welcome. Agreed. Unless I’m spending my whole day in front of the thing (which I’m not) I don’t see the point in spending so much money.


  5. Hey man
    Nice blog!

    Do you know of any novelty “geek” based stores here in Cape Town I can buy some stuff? Im looking fro adventure time slippers for my gf (or any dopeness along the same lines)


    1. Hey,

      Unfortunately when it comes to official Adventure Time stuff, your best bet is importing, and that isn’t cheap. I wanted to grab some Adventure Time t-shirts, but shipping was almost as much as the shirt!

      It just occurred to me that you might have some luck with the local cosplay groups. A lot of the girls make things like plushies (saw a Lumpy Space Princess plushy at UCON), so maybe you’ll have some luck with one of them. Do a search on Facebook for “cosplay cape town” or “cosplay south africa” and ask around.


  6. Hi Rowan,

    I hope you are having a great day.

    From one geek to another I must say your blog rocks (geeks will rule the world:));The one thing I absolutely love about your blog is the voice, its friendly, funny and really. Afterall people write and people read.
    By the way, I came across your blog while searching for great writers and bloggers from Cape Town to try out

    If you find Spotpanda interesting enough to sign up and create a miniGuide about the geeky stuff in your city, please let me know. Also, if you have questions or feedback feel free.

    Check out this miniGuide made by a fellow geek from London

    Looking forward to your reply, would be awesome to hear from you.

    Have a great day


    1. Hi Yusuf,

      I was unable to find any information on how to do this. I suggest you contact your local distributor and see if they can help.


  7. First off thanx for the speedy reply…i appreciate it…thanx il contact them,i hope they can help me coz their website isnt any help at all


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