On the Couch with Geek Ink: Episode 2 – The Road to Geekdom

We take a trip down memory lane with Geek Ink this episode.

Podcast version: https://archive.org/details/GeekInkEp02


On the couch with Geek Ink pilot episode!

A couple of friends and I got together to chat about the geek scene in Cape Town. This is our pilot episode, so we still have to work out some of the bugs. Some minor swearing if that’s not your thing.


Edit: I’ve updated the post to include our Youtube version of the podcast!

Cool Stuff: We Call It Toonami – An Unofficial Toonami Documentary

I’m relaunching the Cool Stuff series! It’s not going to be a regular series of posts, but will instead showcase the best cool stuff I find from other content creators.

Let’s begin with the mini-documentary, We Call it Toonami! Toonami was a timeslot on Cartoon Network that focused mainly on anime, and this short doccie gives some insight into how it came about.