On the Couch with Geek Ink: Episode 3 – Making Comics (Part 1)

We chat a bit about the comic making process. Expect more in Part 2!


On the Couch with Geek Ink: Episode 2 – The Road to Geekdom

We take a trip down memory lane with Geek Ink this episode.

Podcast version: https://archive.org/details/GeekInkEp02

Geek Out! Launching a comic I worked on at Fancon!


I should have been hyping this up more than I have, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, I’m here to say that I will be at Fancon all weekend with Milo Wildcat, co-writer and artist for our comic Grim! This is the first book that I’ve worked on that’s become an actual book, so I’m pretty chuffed. Come and be chuffed with me this weekend at Fancon in Cape Town! Also buy our stuff.

Geek Out! FanCon is one week away!


Cape Town gets its first official comic book convention! All aboard the hype train!

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Geek Ink Thinks: Getting called out on my lack of time for drawing

For those of you who were expecting my Inside Out review, I only be saw it late on Sunday evening, so I’ll post the review up on Wednesday. Today however I discuss my art, and why I draw much less than I used to. If you haven’t seen any of my work, you can check it out on Deviantart, or on either of the albums on my Facebook

I was doodling in one of my notebooks at our weekly sketch meets, and one of my friends commented how she hadn’t seen me draw in a while (I usually end up writing or chatting at the meets). I thought about it for a couple of moments, and said to her that I pretty much only doodle these days. I went on to say that as much as I would like to draw more, if I can’t put my heart into it, then it’s a bit pointless. In order to that, I would need to dedicate way more time to it. Another friend of mine stopped and asked me if I really didn’t have enough time to draw, and I guess it struck a bit of a nerve because I had to stop and ask myself “Do I”?

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