Geek Ink Updates: Still alive

This blog and I are still alive, but university has been devouring all my time for the last few weeks. I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this, but I’ll be glad when I get back to work. Until then, everyone is just going to have to wait. I’ll have a more detailed update when I finish classes next week. Ciao!


Geek Ink Thinks: Don’t just #RememberKhwezi

This is going to get heavy folks, so if you want to enjoy Woman’s Day as if it were any other fun-filled public holiday, please ignore this and enjoy the rest of your break.

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Geek Out! EGE 2016



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Geek Ink Updates: So a small piece I wrote got published on the upcoming 2016 EGE Expo

I wrote a small piece on the upcoming EGE Expo for the Cape Times. It got published fairly intact which I was quite chuffed with. However, I have mailed them asking that they change the title of “gaming expert” to gaming/geek blogger/journalist/writer. While I do know a lot about the games industry, I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on the subject. At least my suggestions match up with my qualifications (journalism was part of my undergrad).

Geek Ink Updates: University crunch time!

Hey folks. Just popping by to let you know I’m going to be pretty damn busy for the next three weeks so things are going to be pretty quiet over here at Geek Ink. I have the final versions of two design plans due in on Monday, and then a 4000-6000 word essay due two weeks after that.

This could have been a very different story, as I had a registration issue that affected my completion of one of the earlier modules that I worked on. Thankfully the university made the sane decision and saw I had submitted all my work, so it would be unfair to fail me on that module (which would have prevented me from completing the program this year) because of a clerical error.

Anyway, I will try to squeeze in some content or updates, but I’m not making any promises.

Geek Ink Comics: Pokemon: Go

Everyone is playing Pokemon go.

Geek Ink Comics Pokemon: Go Nintendo Windows Phone

The wrestling that made me, broke me – A Sultan Review

Sultan Poster

Where most Western sports movies rush through the hero’s fall from grace before he rises up to glory again, this Bollywood movie has the time to take you through the entire journey from rising underdog, to fallen hero, to phoenix from the ashes. While this may sound like a lot to take in, Sultan makes it all work, really, really, well.

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So you’re telling me you made a porno where the plot is the point? The Nice Guys Review

Nice Guys Poster

In a market that seems saturated by big budget super hero flicks and CG animated kids movies, The Nice Guys stands out as an unapologetic old school action comedy.

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Geek Ink Comics: Expectations

This was inspired by a real life situation.

Curry Comic Geek Ink Curry Brocolli

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