On the Couch with Geek Ink: Episode 3 – Making Comics (Part 1)

We chat a bit about the comic making process. Expect more in Part 2!


Geek Out! Launching a comic I worked on at Fancon!


I should have been hyping this up more than I have, but I’ve been busy. Anyway, I’m here to say that I will be at Fancon all weekend with Milo Wildcat, co-writer and artist for our comic Grim! This is the first book that I’ve worked on that’s become an actual book, so I’m pretty chuffed. Come and be chuffed with me this weekend at Fancon in Cape Town! Also buy our stuff.

Cool Stuff: Neko Case

neko case

I initially thought Neko Case was a strange kind of case made from cats (neko is Japanese for cat). Turns out Neko Case is actually a singer who has an interesting sound that’s a haunting mix of country and rock. She also sounds amazing live which is something you don’t hear (du dun tsh) too much these days.

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