Geek Ink Updates: So a small piece I wrote got published on the upcoming 2016 EGE Expo

I wrote a small piece on the upcoming EGE Expo for the Cape Times. It got published fairly intact which I was quite chuffed with. However, I have mailed them asking that they change the title of “gaming expert” to gaming/geek blogger/journalist/writer. While I do know a lot about the games industry, I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on the subject. At least my suggestions match up with my qualifications (journalism was part of my undergrad).


Geek Ink Updates: Well… It’s been a pretty busy week

Firstly, apologies for not keeping up with my usual Monday/Friday release schedule. Last week was crazy to say the least! I had a meeting with a local wildlife documentary creator who went to school with my brother, I put together a job application for a local creative researcher position, and I finished a seven page script for the Jameson First Shot scriptwriting competition.

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Geek Ink Updates: Thank you to all my readers! 600 followers and growing!

So as you can tell by the lovely counter on the left, I have recently gotten 600 followers, so I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all my readers. Geek Ink has experienced some fantastic growth over the last two years and it’s nice to see that my persistence is finally starting to pay off. Here’s a quick thank you sketch for everyone!

Rowan, what does the scouter say about the his follower level?

Dragon Ball Z parody sketch over 9000

Geek Ink Updates: Just tipped over 100 followers!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who likes my writing enough to follow my blog. You guys are awesome! I also cracked 200 posts the other day, but I forget to write about it. I would probably have close to double that if I hadn’t been a fool and purged all my old writing when I decided to reboot my blog…


Geek Ink Thinks: Stick it to the (middle)man!

In the past, if you were a film maker, musician, writer or game programmer, you needed someone with lots of money to help you get your product to the market. You needed expensive equipment to produce your content, and a large amount of money to advertise your product in the right channels. The old guard, book and game publishers, record labels, or movie studios, were the only ones who had the money, so if you wanted to get your product out, you had to play by their rules.

But things are changing, and it’s happening so fast that the old guard are running scared.

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